About Us

A Small Team Driving Big Ideas

Founded in Singapore, we are a small but diverse team with members across the globe. It’s a little unconventional. But thanks to technology, the differing locations and time zones don’t frighten us.

We recognised the powers of technology, and we’re out to help other businesses benefit the same.

With our platform, Forma hopes to empower companies with powerful digital tools to grow their business in newer, simpler ways.

Simplifying Tech Solutions For All

There is a general perception that tech solutions are too technical, challenging and troublesome to adopt.

That’s why, we believe in doing things the no-code way.

With a platform that demands zero programming knowledge, Forma hopes to make digitisation and automation more accessible to businesses – even if they don’t have a software engineering department.

Meet the Team

Long Le Hoang
(The Tech Tinkerer)

When the weather isn’t bad, a fishing trip he goes! Will be otherwise fueling his tech passion with DIY electronics.

Ha Doan 
Engineering & Product
(The Old Hacker)

Self-taught coder. Manages daily coding with great wisdom, coffee and a good read between breaks.

Minh Bui
(Harbinger of Bug Magnet)

An avid gamer, likes to disguise himself with codenames during our online chat sessions.

Tan Weihao
Product & Growth
(Water-Bender, ensuring things flow)

Ends off the day cycling around nature spots, listening to a playlist of C-Pop songs.

Elston Yee 
Product, Growth & Operations
(Jack of All Trades)

Netflix, Food and Coffee is his daily routine. Oh and soccer as well, when Covid isn’t around.

Claire Yap
HR, Finance and Operations
(Chief Heart Officer)

Our happy pill’s sources of joy: making good bakes and online shopping!.

Secret Character 
Growth & Marketing
(Wizard of Light Bulb Moments)

Catch this mysterious person hiking somewhere in the woods.