About Us

A Small Team Driving Big Ideas

Founded in Singapore, we are a small but diverse team with members across the globe. It’s a little unconventional. But thanks to technology, the differing locations and time zones don’t frighten us.

We recognised the powers of technology, and we’re out to help other businesses benefit the same.

With our platform, Forma hopes to provide powerful digital tools for companies to boost productivity and promote growth in newer, simpler ways.

A Passion to Empowering Businesses with Technology

The idea of technology may seem highly technical and difficult to apply. So what we do is to render it accessible in the form of a no-code platform.

Users will be able to digitise, customise and automate their businesses easier than ever before. Even for SMEs with limited resources and manpower, taking growth to new heights will no longer be an unfeasible goal.

Constantly Growing

Constantly Growing

We are always making changes, pushing updates and improving features for our fellow business users. If you have any specific requests or feedback, feel free to let us know here

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