Send Automatic Calendar
Booking Invites

Get started with a calendar booking form
to simplify appointment schedulings

Do it Your Way

Tweak our templates and tailor them to your needs. Our no-code form builder can customise your form within minutes.  

Step 1: Edit Process Details

Upon choosing the template, you will be directed to Process Details. Here, you can change your form title and/or description. 

Step 2: Edit Form Fields

Using Form Builder, choose your form fields and edit them. 

You can edit the Calendar Booking plugin to open booking slots and determine default duration of each slot.

Step 3: Prepare Automatic Invite Emails To Customers

After finalising your form, proceed to Design WorkflowYou can change and customise the workflow with the following:

  1. Use other plug-ins from Add Plugins
  2. Drag the purple connectors around to re-position the plug-in connections
  3. Double-click each plug-in to edit its details
You can use the Calendar Invite plug-in to set automatic customisation of invite details. This is done by editing the placeholders for event name, event date, event location and other details

Information from these placeholders will be automatically enclosed in the invite emails that your customers receive:

Step 4: Publish your form

After Publish Changes in Workflow Builder, your booking form is ready to go. Use the Share button to:

  • Disseminate the form via a public URL
  • Embed the form into your website

If your booking form is meant for internal employees e.g. meeting room bookings, you can give them access to this process on Forma. They will be able to Submit New Entry to fill in the form.

That’s it. Really.

Ready to get Started?