Step 1: Start with a simple form

Select the form fields that you require from the left fields panel, and add them to your form. You can add as many fields as you require, drag and drop to rearrange their order. Click on “Design Workflow” once you are done with the form

Step 2: Add in the approval plugin

Click on “Add Plugins” and select the Approval Plugin. This plugin allows you to select the respective Approving Manager to approve the request/ leave application.

Step 3: Select your Approval Manager

Double click on the Approval Plugin, and select your Approval manager from the dropdown. You can select up to two approval managers using this plugin. If this is the first time you are using Forma, you may want to reach out to us via the live chat for help!

Step 4: Connect your plugins

Ensure that the plugins that you are using are properly connected so that the workflow can be executed successfully.

Step 5: The Approval Manager gets the Approval Email

Once you or your colleague submits an approval request, the respective Approving Manager will receive an email notification, informing them about the request.

For example, The manager can review and then approve or reject the leave approval request. The submitter will then receive a notification of whether the leave has been approved or rejected.

That's it! You now have a fully functional, FREE, approval workflow 🙂