Streamline Approval Requests

Build a workflow within 10 minutes to
automate approval requests

Do it Your Way

Tweak our templates and tailor them to your needs. Our no-code form builder can customise your form within minutes.  

Step 1: Create a new process

Fill in your Process Details to set your process name and description. You should also assign which employees shall have access to this process under Manage User Access.

Step 2: Build a form

Then, use the Form Builder to select and edit form fields relevant to your process.

Step 3: Build your approval workflow

After finalising your form, proceed to Design Workflow and follow these steps: 

  1.  Go to Add Plugins and choose Approval. 
  2.  Connect the form submission plug-in towards the Approval plug-in.
  3.  Choose your 1st and (optional) 2nd approvers. The approvers’ names will only appear if you had provided them access to this process under Process Details in step 1. 
  4.  Draft the email subject and email body for 1st/2nd approval emails, successful email and rejection email. You can customise your emails using placeholders. 
  5.  Save your changes and Publish the workflow.

Step 4: Approve requests

After Publish Changes in Workflow Builder, your form is ready to go. 

When a user submits this form, Tessa will receive the first approval email as constructed in the workflow builder. 

Upon clicking on the link in “here”, Tessa will be directed to approve or reject the request immediately.

With that, the next approver Mindy will receive the 2nd approval email to review the request.

Once Mindy is done on her part, the submitter Karen will receive either a successful or rejection email as drafted in your workflow builder.

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