9 Workflow Examples For Every Business

9 Workflow Examples For Every Business Looking to automate your business with workflows? The challenge lies not in automating, but designing the workflow – how should you sequence the tasks in a process? Which employees should you involve at each step?  There

Kickstart HR Automation with These 5 Processes

Kickstart HR Automation with these 5 Processes Even if you don’t have a Human Resource (HR) department, HR processes are a necessity for every company. The overall responsibility of HR is to oversee employee matters, which can contribute to employee

Forma – What’s New: Customise Approval Emails, Simplify User Onboarding and more

Forma – What’s New: Customise Approval Emails, Simplify User Onboarding and more Welcome back to another round of Forma’s product updates. This time, we’ve made enhancements to form sharing, approval emails and more. 1. Customise Approval Emails It’s about time

What is a workflow? Definition with Examples

What is a Workflow? Definition with Examples Productivity, efficiency, and accelerated growth. Are any of these what you’re seeking to achieve for your company? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. You might have heard that companies these days

Forma – What’s New: Create Digital Documents with New PDF File Generator Plugin

Yet again, we’ve rolled out new features and enhancements this week to help you boost your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in! New Plugin: PDF File Generator Sometimes, notifying users about an approved claim, leave or order isn’t enough.

Forma – What’s new: Approval Page/Details & Send Calendar Invite Plugin Improvement, Bug Fixes, PDF File Generator & Stripe Payment (Coming Soon) (17th May 2021)

1. Improvement – Approval Page/Details Previously, when an approval plugin is added in the process, the respective Approving Manager selected in the process will receive an email to review the application. We felt that it may be better for our

Forma – What’s new: Route users to different pages and Show/Hide fields – based on users answers & Search function improvement (3rd May 2021)

Hi Everyone, here’s our latest update! After weeks of testing, we have finally rolled out this function! You may be thinking why do we need to hide or show pages in our forms? Why can’t we let all of our

Forma – What’s new: Interactive Onboarding Tour with User Flow (19th Apr 2021)

Hi everyone, here’s our latest update! Interactive Onboarding Tour with UserFlow In our previous post, we focused on improving the user onboarding experience on our platform. If you need any assistance while exploring Forma, you are able to look at

Forma – What’s new: User Conditions Plugin, Multi Approval Plugin, Adding a new Record to Database Plugin, Adding “Any” to the Conditions Plugin, UI/UX Enhancement (5th Apr 2021)

Hi Everyone, here’s our latest update! User Conditions Plugins We found that it was a hassle for the users to key in their details every time they were to submit a new submission for approval. Thus, our latest introduction of

Forma – What’s new: User Guide, Submitting response on Mobile Devices, Workflow Execution View (19th Mar 2021)

Hi everyone, here’s our latest update! User Guide We are always ‘Reading’ something, be it the news, nutrition contents of your cereal, or your company’s report. Thus, we came up with a user guide, coupled with some videos and pictures