Forma - Coming Soon: Upgrades to assigning user permissions, approval dashboard

Lots have been going on, but we have some huge enhancements that you’ll get to enjoy real soon. Check them out!

1. Upgrade: Approval Dashboard

Previously, we’ve made enhancements to the Approval page.

This time, it’s the Approval dashboard – we’re adding in the following information columns for you to get more comprehensive approval details at a glance:

  • Submitter Name — Identify the submitter without having to click into the request. The submitter’s email address will also be revealed when you hover over his/her name.

  • Status — Learn which processes are approved, pending or rejected.

  • Last Updated — Anxious about your request? This column will let you know if your supervisors had any new updates since you last checked on the page.

In short, you’ll get to enjoy less clicks for the information you desire

2. Upgrade: Assigning Permissions For Teams

More often than not, we know processes are run by teams, not individuals. So we’re making adjustments for you to:

  • Grant teams access rights
  • Allocate teams to specific processes

It all starts with the “Team” tab, where you will first create your team.

You can then define the access rights to be given for present and future members in this team.

Thereafter, you can proceed to invite not just individuals, but whole team(s) into your processes.

In our case below, watch how we’ve just added the whole Marketing Department to this Content Approval process. Under 5 seconds 😎.

3. Embeddable Forms

We understand that the embed forms function was unavailable for quite a while.

This was due to big revamps recently made to the Form Builder. As a result, we had to rewrite the code for embeddable forms to make it more stable for our users, but we’re finishing it up!

Soon, you’ll be able to find the embed forms function in the Share button of your Form Builder ✨.

That’s all for this week! As we continue to work on other enhancements, do stay tuned to our next update.