Forma – What’s new: Company Signup, Templates preview, Checkboxes (14th Dec 2020)

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Hi Everyone~

It’s been 2 weeks since our last update on our product, and so yes, Forma has some cool new upgrades!

What’s New – 14th December 2020

1. New Register process

For the past few weeks, we got some real valuable feedback from our early users with regards to our register process. And so we decided to overhaul it.

2. New Preview style for our Templates

We upgraded our templates preview so users can easily see what each template really use and what is it meant for

3. New Field options – Checkbox

Added a new field options called “Checkbox” – with the ability to multiple select as well. Oh ya, We also improved the UI for our dropdown box too~


4. Upgraded reporting – Search + Filter options

We added search + filter options for more robust reporting view


Other Improvements

  1. Stricter options when deleting an existing process
  2. Ability to enter description for each field options and display it during form submission
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