Forma – What’s new: User database, Embedded forms, Google login and more.. (3rd Jan 2021)

Hi Everyone~

Finally, it’s the new year – 2021. We have been hard at work, with some really CRAZY upgrades to our platform.

What’s New – 3rd Jan 2021

1. User Database (Level up)

Check out our new style of user database! It follows the same process of our form creation and form submission, making it more familiar for administrators. At the same time, using the power of our form builder module, now the user (Or employee) database is more dynamic and powerful than ever!

2. Multi-Database

And Yes, with feedback from our early adopter users – We introduced the ability to create multi-mini databases for you to store any information/data. Assets, CRM, Expense list, checklist, pretty much anything! And using our dynamic workflow builder, you can easily create data flow automation.

3. Forms Builder – Connecting with Database (Dropdown)

Sometimes, it is a hassle to keep typing in the same thing for your dropdown options. Now, you can easily link any of your dropdown box to “Connect to Database”, so that the same information appears seamlessly for your users or customers to select during form submission

4. Embeddable Forms

With a quick copy and paste, you can easily embed your forms onto your own website to have your own branding. And of cause, we also have the ability to upload your own logo for your forms.

5. Google Login

Why remember so many passwords or use password managers? Just use google login to log into Forma~

Other Improvements

  1. Customised logo for your forms
  2. Ability to delete form entries
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3 months ago

Great work team 🙂