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Forma: What’s New- A Sneak Peak at our Upcoming Status Plugin and more!

In this latest round of Forma updates, we tell you more about our integration with Zapier and show you a sneak preview of our latest Status Plugin (spoiler alert: workflow building just got a lot more efficient).

1. Zapier API

We recently announced our plans to get integrated with Zapier, which allow you to set database record updates in Forma as Zapier triggers, or Zaps. That means, for instance, that when you create a new database record in Forma, a Zap will be triggered to send a direct message on Slack to yourself and/or your team members as shown below:

Forma_New Database - Slack

Alternatively, the Zap can trigger an SMS to notify your customers:

Forma_New Database - SMS

And the same applies with Facebook messages:

Forma_Update Database - Facebook Msg

Integration with Zapier is only just the beginning.

Forma is committed towards building an open ecosystem that accommodates a diversity of plugins and integrations to help businesses digitise and automate with ease. There’s more to come, so stay expectant. 🎉

Watch this space, our Zapier API will be out shortly!

2. Teaser – Status Plugin 

It’s time for a snippet of the latest addition to workflow building. Our upcoming Status Plugin (one per workflow) is pretty much a highly upgraded version of the current Approval Plugin. Going beyond just two statuses as enabled by the latter (Approved/Rejected), the Status Plugin will allow you to customise up to six, such as “In Progress” or “On Hold”. Here’s a look at the work-in-progress so far:

Forma_Status Plugin

Under each customised status (max 6), you can route additional actions to be executed from there.

Keep a lookout, our Status Plugin is coming soon…

That’s all the updates we have for this week! Should you have any queries, drop us a note anytime at