Forma: What’s New- Added Form Field, Workflow Building Upgrades And More

We’ve got much to announce this week! Improvements have been made to form and workflow building, and our status plugin has finally been deployed live.

Read on for the details! 🤗

1. Status Plugin- LIVE

Forma_Status Plugin

In a previous update, we discussed plans to introduce a new status plugin, which lets you customise up to six statuses (for example: In Progress, Pending, On Hold, etc.) for your processes.  Under each plugin (one per workflow), additional actions can be routed from there.  

The status plugin is now available on our workflow builder! Try it out and let us know what you think.

2. Duplicate function for plugins 


We’re saving you the hassle of having to manually add the same plugins to your workflow builder. Do a right click on the plugin you want copied, and the options will pop up as seen in the screenshot above. After selecting the ‘Duplicate’ function, the duplicated plugin will appear as intended.

3. Workflow building improvements

Forma_improvements plugins

In making upgrades to workflow organisation, we’ve given our plugins browsing list a new look! We’ve also changed our mouse pointer to indicate when certain functions are clickable or not.

As seen under point 2, we’ve also shifted the purple connectors on our plugins from top to bottom to facilitate the routing of additional steps beneath, as you build your workflow.

4. New Form Field- Phone Number 

Forma_Phone Number field

This new field allows for the input of international phone numbers. As per usual, you’ll be able to edit the label, provide field description beneath, add placeholder text, as well as transform this into a conditional field (under Advanced settings).


Experience these upgrades today on Forma. For any queries, feel free to reach out anytime at