1. Improvement – Approval Page/Details

Previously, when an approval plugin is added in the process, the respective Approving Manager selected in the process will receive an email to review the application. We felt that it may be better for our users if we are able to consolidate all of the applications and allow the users to view them conveniently. Thus, we came up with an additional Approval icon on our left navigation panel. Once the user clicks on it, it will show all of the applications that requires their review. Neat right? This will help save time for the users, as they do not have to scroll through their inbox to look for the application.

P.S. We are also working on allowing customisation to any approval/rejection emails (even disabling if they like). After all, flexibility is what we want for our users ?

2. Improvement – Send Calendar Invite Plugin

Want to reiterate the important details of the event to your audience again? You do not have to re-type all of the information! Simply choose the ‘Insert placeholder‘ found in ‘Other Information’. How does it work? For instance, if you want to remind your audience that they have signed up for a Stand-up Comedy event, simply choose Stand-up Comedy as the placeholder, and it will appear in the email details, that your audience will receive!

P.s We are also working on the syncing of our Calendar Invite with your personal calendar, very soon, if you are on a road trip for the summer and will not be contactable, the dates will be greyed out automatically. No extra steps on your end!

3. Bug Fixes

  • Missing Form Fields during form submission
  • Page Routing logic
  • Inaccessible Public URL
  • Unable to edit Database Records


4. PDF File Plugin (Coming Soon)

Thinking of sending proofs of receipt, claims, or documents? We heard you! Thus, we have been working on a new plugin – PDF File and we are nearing the end product!

5. Payments via Forms (Coming soon)

Payment gateway is a feature that most of are looking for, especially when we run a business that requires transaction daily. Be sure to check it out in our next update!

Folks, that’s all for this blog post, but we are really excited about the new features that we going to roll out soon!

Should you have any comments or feedback about Forma, feel free to reach out to us at support@getforma.co or click on the live chat button on the bottom right ?