Hi Everyone ~ with a blink of an eye, we are already near the end of Q1, 2021. Here’s our latest update!

  1. Auto Save Engine

We received feedback from our user that it will be great if we have the auto-save function in our system. He shared with us that he accidentally lost his info one day while he was building a Form Process. Thus, we built – Auto Save! Now within our workflow builder and form builder, every single changes you made will be auto save (You probably don’t need Save button anymore ?)

  1. Ability to book meeting rooms! (Still a lot of improvements needed, but we are eager to show our users!)

Many companies may be Working-From-Home right now, but for some industry, going to office is still a necessity due to it’s nature. Still using paper and pen to book your company’s meeting room? Or using Google calendar? That’s old school! With our new function to book meeting room, you can check the availability and book meeting room, as and when you require! The duration of the booking are also customisable ~ Neat right?

  1. Input Digital Signature in your Forms

Have you find yourself in a situation where you need your audience or stakeholder to authorise documents but are unable to? We had our fair share of such experiences, hence, we came up with the Digital Signature Field so that we won’t find ourselves in such predicament again!