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Forma: What’s New- Building a Community Based Portal, Migration to New Servers and more  

From website improvements to plans for a new community based portal, we’ve got some groovy announcements coming your way… Read on to find out more. 

1. Migration to FreshDesk + FreshChat, Microsoft Azure  

Forma FreshDesk

1️⃣ We’ve migrated our Email Support and Solutions (User guides/FAQ) to FreshDesk! That means any email inquiries sent in to us at will show up here. We’ve shifted our live chat function to FreshChat as well, so all customer support-related matters can be hosted on a single platform.

2️⃣ We’re also moving our backend server and database to Microsoft Azure, ultimately a more stable and robust cloud storage platform.

2. Website Upgrades

Forma website upgrades

To help users develop a better understanding of Forma’s platform, such as its digitisation and automation processes, we’ve streamlined our website to place greater focus and provide more detailed information on different teams— particularly on sales (e.g. onboarding, form building, etc). Check out the improvements (as shown in the image above) on our updated homepage!

3. Plans for a Community Based Portal

Our team is currently brainstorming to create a community based portal for Forma users to jump in and pose questions—not just to Support, but to anyone engaged with the platform. This will allow us to collect user feedback and build on your suggestions, as well as enable others to upvote platform features, user comments, bug reports and so on.

We look forward to filling you in on this exciting new project in the weeks to come, so stick around!