Hi Everyone~

While it might seem like we have missed a few weeks of posting on new updates, but if you follow us closely on LinkedIn or Twitter, we have quietly released a few cool features already. For more details, read on~

What’s New – 1st Feb 2021

1. Calendar View

Some customers are using us very creatively and actually using it to allow employees to submit the work from home/office schedule through Forma due to Covid 19 restrictions. Initially all submitted entries only show as raw data view, and users need to export it out. With their feedback, we decided “Hey, why don’t we do a calendar view for them?”  With a single click of a button, they can change their view to a calendar view


2. Form field Description – More font Formatting

Another customer feedback – which we thought it totally make sense. Now we allow users to format their form fields even more with colour font formatting.


3. Summary View

Another way to view your data more powerful with our summary view – Pie Chart, Bar chart. You name it. With a click of a button.

4. Emojis

Now you can add emojis to easily classify or tag your business process for easy reference

Other Improvements

  1. Ability to import your own data into our database
  2. Improvements to the reporting view
  3. Combined the user database + user settings into one single unified view