Yet again, we’ve rolled out new features and enhancements this week to help you boost your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

New Plugin: PDF File Generator

Sometimes, notifying users about an approved claim, leave or order isn’t enough. It usually takes a proper document to make things official.

And so, it’s officially here! You can now access our new PDF File Generator plugin to create PDF documents within Forma, plus email them to your users in no time. The plugin will also have an Email Body tab for you to craft your email content as usual.

To generate a PDF document, draft your content in the PDF Content tab. Here’s what you can do:

  • Insert placeholders to automatically personalise the document for different users. Yes, unlike writing in Microsoft Word, there’s no need for you to re-write the same document for different users over and over again!
  • Use the font formatter to style your document the way you want it.

Here’s an example of the end product.

Improvements to Calendar Invite Plugin

i) Send Invites to Multiple Stakeholders

Instead of sending a calendar invite only to the user who submitted the form, you can send the same invite to multiple people now. That way, all other relevant personnel can be efficiently informed about the latest event bookings.

This can be done by adding email addresses to the new CC field in the Calendar Invite Plugin. Separate multiple emails by adding commas.

ii) Include More Details in Your Invites

Apart from date and time, other important event details will also be given default placements in your email invites. These new information include event name and venue.

In the Calendar Invite Plugin, insert placeholders in the Event Name and Event Location fields. You can also insert placeholders in Other Information for less typing and more automated customisation.

Enable Multiple Emails Inputs in Forms

Some users may want to leave a few more email contacts in their form – you never know when a server breakdown will come!

You can allow forms to do that by adjusting the properties of the Email form field. Simply check on the box that says “Enable multiple emails input” and you’re all set.

New Form Field: Add Free Text

You asked for it, so here it is!

Free text allows you to include words and paragraphs that do not require any responses from users. It’s good for providing additional information that you want users to read when they’re filling out the form.

Here’s an example.

We hope you’ll make good use of these new features to ease the digital transformation of your business. 

Stay tuned to our next round of updates, for more is to come.