Forma - What's New: Customise Approval Emails, Simplify User Onboarding and more

Welcome back to another round of Forma’s product updates. This time, we’ve made enhancements to form sharing, approval emails and more.

1. Customise Approval Emails

It’s about time we make your approval emails less robotic by having you to control the content for them!

With our newly updated Approval plugin, you will be able to customise each of the following approval emails:

  1. Notifying 1st Approver for approval review
  2. Notifying 2nd Approver for approval review
  3. Successful email to applicant
  4. Rejection email to applicant

In the Approval plugin, you can use placeholders to automatically customise specific fields in your emails. You can also disable any of the 4 emails if they are unnecessary for your processes.

What’s to benefit from this is better communication between you and your staff. By including more information in your emails, you will be able to convey approval decisions with greater clarity.

For instance, adding the “APPROVAL_DETAIL” placeholder in“Second Approver Email” will allow the 1st approver to give the 2nd approver additional instructions or details about the request. 

2. Share Button Now Available for Forms

Through feedback and data analysis, we realised that many users are having a hard time finding the shareable links for their forms.

But with our new, prominent “Share” button, form sharing will become a much more intuitive process that you need not fret over. This button will be located in the Process Details and Form Builder pages.

Upon clicking on “Share”, you will be able to:

  • Disseminate the form via a public URL OR
  • Embed the form into your website

3. Simplify User Onboarding with Upgraded Invite User Button

Previously, inviting new users onboard Forma and granting them access to your company’s processes are done on separate procedures. This increases the risks for employers to overlook the latter.

So here’s how we’re simplifiying the user onboarding process – you will be able to invite users and assign user access with just the “Invite User” button alone.

Upon clicking “Invite User”, you will be guided to indicate the user’s email address, name, and the processes you want him/her to access. Much more efficient, isn’t it?

4. Submit Multiple Files in Forms

Have multiple files or photos that you’d like users to submit in forms? You no longer have to add multiple “Upload File” form fields to allow that.

Now, users are able to submit a maximum of 5 files in a single “Upload File” field for all forms:

With that concludes the major updates Forma has for this week. But do keep a lookout for our upcoming enhancements – adding images in forms, auto-capture location timezones and more!