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Forma: What’s New – Integration with Zapier, Creation of Teams and more

We’re bringing you more exciting news on the latest updates on Forma! In this round of improvements, you’ll be able to grant different levels of permission to employeescreate teams, and more.  

1. Permissions and Teams 

Under ‘Permission Levels’ in Permissions and Teams, you can now customise different levels of authorisation within the company. Choose who gets to have full control over business processes, who can edit them, and so on.  


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That’s not all. Instead of assigning these permission levels one by one to every user, company administrators such as HR can group employees into ‘teams’, and grant them permission accordingly.  

The created teams can be named after their respective division, or in any other way you want to title them.  

Forma_Product Updates_Teams

2. List of Approvals page – Improvements 

Moving on, our Approvals page now includes further columns to give users more information at a glance. You can find the added columns as listed below:  

  • ID 
  • Submitter details (Name and Email) 
  • Process Name  
  • Status 
  • Last Updated (Date and Timing) 

Forma_Product Updates_Approvals

3. Forma is now integrated with Zapier 

Forma’s exciting integration with Zapier means users will have a greater deal of customisation on how they want to digitise and automate their workflows or business.  

Our integration focuses on Forma Database records as “Triggers”. Anytime you update or add to your database record in Forma, you can set it as a trigger in Zapier. (We’re currently in our 1st iteration.)  

*In case you missed out on previous updates, you no longer need to rely on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Create your own database right here in Forma to maximise accessibility and convenience when running your business. Find out how here. 

Forma_Product Updates_Zapier

Following that, you can use any Zaps within Zapier to trigger the next steps. Did we mention that Zapier has more than 3,000 apps for their zaps? You can easily choose what you want, but just a heads up—you’ll still need a Zapier account for this.  

Forma_Product Updates_Zapier Triggers

We’re still in the process of getting Forma’s integration with Zapier officially approved, although it should be ready in a couple of weeks. Do stay tuned for that!  

If you’re keen to learn more, email us anytime at