Hi everyone, here’s our latest update!

  1. Interactive Onboarding Tour with UserFlow

In our previous post, we focused on improving the user onboarding experience on our platform. If you need any assistance while exploring Forma, you are able to look at the guides that we have curated for you or simply ping our team through the live chat button.

For many SaaS businesses, these will be sufficient for a potential user to get to know how their product works. But we thought to ourselves, why stop there? Thus, after weeks of exploring and brainstorming, we have decided to integrate UserFlow to create an interactive onboarding tour for all of our users.

This interactive flow will guide our new user step by step on how each of our features works. That’s enough introduction, let the interactive flow speak for itself ?

Here’s a sneak peek of how it looks like ~

Also, we are working on something really cool. Still work in progress (Need more testing).

  1. Hiding or Showing the form pages, based on Routing logic.

You may have created a generic form for all the new employees who joined your company. However, you do not want them to fill up certain information that may not be relevant to them. For instance, a Marketing Executive who has just come on board, you do not need to know his/her experience in Coding, as it is irrelevant to their job scope. Hence, with the page break being introduced, you can set rules on how your forms will be routed, based on the conditions you set.

Some screenshots for your reference.

Stay tuned to our next update ~