Forma - What's New: Our Latest Templates, Digital Payment in Forms and more

This week, we’ve had some exciting new updates. Check them out:

1. New Forma Website

Noticed anything different lately? We’re talking about the elephant in the room — our new website is up 🎉

Using simpler design layouts and improved icons, the upgraded website aims to ease site navigation for visitors. 

There are also new pages with more information and resources to help you better understand Forma’s relevance to your business:

We don’t hold empty promises, and we’ve got a demo video to show it! The video presents a walkthrough of Forma’s 3 major pillars — forms, workflows and databases. You’ll be able to get a view of:

  • What it’s like to use a no-code platform
  • How to build a form and edit form fields
  • Syncing forms with databases
  • Syncing workflows with databases
  • How to design and edit a workflow

At first glance, users may not be able to see how forms, workflows and databases come together in a bigger picture. 

How It Works will help you visualise the major steps you can take to connect the dots between these 3 pillars.

For users who’d like to gauge how you can configure your forms, workflows or databases, Features is the page to look out for.

We’ve selected some of the most significant features of Forma that can power up your processes more easily.

Here, you can preview form and workflow templates for use cases across different business functions.

Each of the use case page also provides step-by-step explanations, accompanied with images and instructional GIFs, on how you can get started.

2. New Templates

If you need new inspirations on ways to use Forma, perhaps our new templates can help.

The templates are categorised based on different business functions to make it easier for you to find relevant use cases. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Customer Service — Enquiry form, registration form, feedback form
  • Finance — Invoice management, asset allocation form, expense claims
  • Human Resource — Leave management, job application form, onboarding employees
  • Operations — Meeting room booking, signature authorisation, order form
  • Sales & Marketing — Testimonial forms, event announcement, onboarding customer

With this new layout of new templates, we hope you can discover various possible ways to improve your business with Forma.

3. Add Images in Forms

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. So we’ve included the add image function for you to enrich your forms with product photos, event posters, graphics or other images.

The add image function can be found in the settings of all form fields as shown:

4. View Activity History for Approval Requests

In our previous product update, we’ve made it easier for you to communicate approval decisions with your colleagues via customised approval emails.

But we’re bringing things one step further — you’re now entitled to a comprehensive view of the whole approval process via Activity History in your approval page.

Whether you’re the 1st approver, 2nd approver or the request submitter, you’ll be able to see all decisions and comments made with regards to the approval request.

5. Digital Payment in Forms

We’ve all been waiting for it, and now the Stripe Payment form field is finally complete!

For businesses who’re using order and subscription forms, the Stripe Payment feature will allow you to gather orders/signups, as well as collect customer payments, all in one go.

Note that you’ll have to configure the following details before the Stripe Payment option can be activated in your forms:

  • Amount currency
  • Amount to be paid

Customers will be need to make the payment via their credit or debit cards.

We’re still in the midst of churning out more enhancements to Stripe Payment, so do keep a lookout for future updates. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at if you have any queries or issues about Stripe Payment.

This sums up the major enhancements for the week. Till our next update 👋🏼