Hi Everyone, here’s our latest update!

After weeks of testing, we have finally rolled out this function! You may be thinking why do we need to hide or show pages in our forms? Why can’t we let all of our audience fill up the entire form?

Here is our take on this: User Experience is especially important to you, as it is important to us all, here in Forma. It is important for us to ensure that our users are able to get what they want, in the fastest and most efficient way.

1. Route users to different pages – Based on answers (Page routing)

For instance, we are currently in the midst of a pandemic that is affecting everyone in the world. Travel history declaration is something that many businesses need. When someone wishes to enter the company, they would have to fill up a travel history declaration before they are allowed to enter the premises.

In this example, they would have to first fill up their personal particulars before they proceed to declare their travel history. There will not be a need for the submitter to fill up the entire form if they have not travelled overseas. With our Routing Logic, it will allow the submitter to jump straight to the ‘Have Not Traveled Overseas’ page and complete the form submission.

2. Show/Hide fields – Based on answers (Show/hidden fields)

In addition to allowing pages to be routed based on different answers, we also came up with showing/hiding of fields based on certain conditions too. You may want your submitter to focus on the question that they have on hand, and not be distracted by other questions that your form may have. This feature allows the next form field to appear based on the conditions you have set in them. For instance, if the submitter has travelled to Thailand in the past 12 months, the next set of questions, which is the duration of the visit, will then appear.


3. Search function improvement

By now, for those that have been following up with our blog updates, you would have noticed that we always take our customer feedback seriously. Hence, our recent enhancement revolves around the search function. One of our customers mentioned that she couldn’t search for her colleague’s entry through the Submitter Name or Email, so we went to review our search function and added Submitter Name and Email in it. On top of that, we also refined our search function for Date and Time. Now you are able to search for your entries easily through these upgrades!

That’s all for this update.  We are working on our interface as well as our User Experience in the upcoming upgrades, and we hope to present them to you in the coming few updates!