Hi Everyone, here’s our latest update!

  1. User Conditions Plugins

We found that it was a hassle for the users to key in their details every time they were to submit a new submission for approval. Thus, our latest introduction of the User Conditions plugin will be able to eradicate that. Simply update the information of the users in the User Database, such as their department and their reporting manager. Thereafter, you can choose which conditions must the user meet, in order for the next action to be executed.


  1. Multi Approval plugins in a single workflow

Initially, we are only able to add in 1 Approval plugin in a single workflow, we received feedback from our users that it is insufficient and requested more. We listened to the feedback and now you can create multiple approval plugins in a single workflow. If you need different departments to send their approval emails to the respective department head, just create conditions and link the plugins. E.g. Human Resource Department will report to “Alex”, Operations Department will report to “Becky”, and Finance Department will report to “Charles”.


  1. Add New Record to Database Plugin

Initially, the information that was captured by the form’s submission was only viewable within the summary view. This is generally how forms work on other platforms.

We felt that this was restrictive, as the user will have to find a way to copy the information captured and compile it somewhere. In this case, for Forma, it will be added to the database.

Thus, we came up with this Add New Record to Database plugin. Once this plugin is utilized in the workflow, any new data captured from the form will automatically flow into the designated database you have chosen.

For example, a new employee just joined your company and they have filled up the form on their personal information such as their bank details. This information captured will appear in your Human Resource Database, without additional work. Just let your new colleague fill-up the form, tadaa~

Information captured in the form


Information flowed to the database

  1. Enhancement – “Adding “Any” into the Conditions Plugin

We were thinking about why to restrict ourselves to “All” and ignore the “Any” function. Sounds confusing? Let us simplify it for you ? Conditions can be anything that you wish it to be, for instance, the country of the user who is submitting this form.

Previous: 3 Conditions plugin are required to carry out the above scenario


In the past, we only allowed the ‘AND’ condition, in order for the workflow to be executed. We wanted it to be more flexible, so we came up with the ‘ANY’ (you may call it an OR logic) function. This means that you can create various conditions in a single Conditions plugin, and as long as one condition is met, the workflow will be executed!

Present: 1 Conditions plugin is sufficient to carry out the same workflow

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how these new plugins can ease the workload for our users, as well as creating a more efficient workflow. Feel free to explore more on how these plugins work ~

  1. UI/ UX Enhancements

We have been working on the new design for Forma for awhile now, and we are eager to share with you some of our latest upgrades!

Here are some GIFs of our new interface, enjoy spotting the rest ?

We consolidated all of the additional actions under the Action button

Hovering above the icons will tell you what they represent