Hi everyone, here’s our latest update!

  1. User Guide

We are always ‘Reading’ something, be it the news, nutrition contents of your cereal, or your company’s report. Thus, we came up with a user guide, coupled with some videos and pictures to assist you in creating processes or workflows while playing with Forma~ You can find this button at the bottom left corner of Forma’s platform ?


  1. Mobile Responsive forms

Previously, we were only operating within the desktop device capacity. Meaning to say, your internal staff or external audience who were given the URL to your form can only submit responses through their desktop devices. We realised that it was not user-friendly enough and pushed our developers to come up with Mobile Device friendly forms. We’ve changed that. Now, our web forms are completely responsive!

  1. Workflow Execution View

Having a complex workflow for your business you want to make sure that everything is aligned and flows successfully? For instance, when you apply for an E-Leave and want to know whether if the email is being sent successfully after the request has been approved by your management? Now, with the Workflow Execution View, you will be able to know if your workflow is executed successfully. Should there be any breakage in any of the links, the Execution View will direct you to it.

Other Enhancements

  1. For those that were with us since the start, we have an improved UX for many of our buttons and plug-ins. Enjoy spotting them~