Hi Everyone ~ Wishing everyone a prosperous and safe Lunar New Year! It has been a while since our last post, but we are still actively improving Forma to serve everyone better!

  1. Ability to update Multi-Fields in your database

Your workflows can now interact with your database! This was a huge project that we were working on, and we are really excited to show you how it works!

One very good use case for this powerful plugin – For example you have very sensitive information like your employee database, but only require all your employees to provide certain information like their “Bank Details”. In most cases, these would be done through providing everyone access to a google sheet to fill up or send an email to the person in charge. Both situations not ideal at all.

With our new “Update Database” Plugin, you can easily create a form with only selective data being required and then update the respective employees profile in the database.

We have more interesting stuff coming up in the next few weeks too

  1. Auto Save Engine – Yes, no more forgetting to click on “Save”
  2. Ability to book meeting rooms!