How do you do approvals with your boss or within your company?

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approvals with boss

Have you ever received a “go-ahead” from your boss or manager about some project or proposal and along the way due to miscommunication or unclear instructions, issues start to pop up? Questions or doubts about what is right or wrong, etc?

These happen a lot in companies due to lack of a proper way to submit a request, document any feedback/comments along the way, and capture the final approval. 

The most traditional way is that companies do it verbally during discussions or meetings. Employees tend to make assumptions here due to fear or misunderstanding and this results in misalignment in terms of the next steps or approval of a budget/proposal. The impact of such issues could vary depending on the situation, going from re-assessing the project details and timeline, or a more serious financial impact on the company revenue or expenses.

The other way is via electronic communication or email, however, most of the time the content gets lost in transition as more comments/feedback from different colleagues start to appear and in some cases, people lose track of the entire email chain because of their messy email inbox.

The recent trend of project management platforms is helping companies address this issue. Some mentions are Basecamp (one of my fav), Asana, Monday, Trello, and to a smaller extent – Microsoft’s or Google’s task management tool. These platforms allow staff to easily collaborate with one another in a digitized and organized way. Tasks or projects can be created and relevant employees can communicate via a single source. Documents and comments are stored securely and easily searchable with a few clicks or using keywords. Workflows can be introduced to drive automation and also be integrated with external systems if required. 

While all these platforms do not necessarily focus on helping a business generate revenue or business leads, it is still essential for companies to consider as it helps to ensure operational effectiveness to scale together with growth.

True digital transformation is not just about using emails or instant messaging but also implementing effective and impactful solutions/processes to change how a company operates, in the long run, both externally and internally.

With the current COVID-19 crisis, companies that can change and evolve beyond this period will be stronger than ever!

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra