Forma – What’s new: Name your plugins, Notification plugins level up (30th Nov 2020)

Hi Everyone~ This is the beginning of our regular posting of any updates or changes to our platform. We are working very hard as a small team to build Forma, and we need all the support and feedback we can

Forma – Private Beta Launch!

Hey Everyone, We are excited to announce that we are finally ready to launch Forma ???. Over the course of the coming 2 weeks, we will be sending the registration details in separate batches to those who have signed up

approvals with boss
How do you do approvals with your boss or within your company?

Have you ever received a “go-ahead” from your boss or manager about some project or proposal and along the way due to miscommunication or unclear instructions, issues start to pop up? Questions or doubts about what is right or wrong,

Why are there so many companies still using paperwork for claims?

Munch munch, yum yum! Call for the bill and make payment via cash or credit card, collect the paper receipt, and head back home. Next working day, go to your company finance/accounting team, print and fill up an expense claims

What is Forma?

For a business or a startup, there are many functions such as Human Resources, Finance, Admin, Operations, Business Development, Marketing etc. All these business functions require some form of process to run effectively and smoothly. There are processes such as