For a business or a startup, there are many functions such as Human Resources, Finance, Admin, Operations, Business Development, Marketing etc. All these business functions require some form of process to run effectively and smoothly. There are processes such as E-leave, Expense claims, Employee on-boarding, Checklists, Surveys, Budgeting/proposal approval, and many more. 

Businesses generally subscribe to multiple platforms/systems to manage these processes. It gets confusing and cumbersome to implement and manage and come with an additional overhead of training your employees to use them properly. These platforms are isolated and restrictive in terms of integration and customisation. Not to mention, the cost for subscribing to so many platforms on a per user basis gets very expensive in the long run. It is known that the key to improving workplace productivity is by improving your internal processes.

If you break down different business processes in an organisation it boils down to a few key elements:

  • A way to digitally capture data/information

  • Ensure that the data capturing process is accurate and error-proof as much as possible

  • Actions/Triggers based on the data captured

Forma is an online platform that allows businesses to:

  • Build customised online forms using an intuitive and easy to use form builder, so that your employees will be able to access them easily and digitally. Fields such as Text, Dropdowns, Date selectors, file uploads etc. – just drag and drop. Forms are no longer constrained or limited

  • Implement flexible business rules and criteria to the forms to ensure all data captured are structured and error-proof. Fields restricted to a certain number range? Check. Only certain texts are permitted in the fields? Check. Speed up your processing with lesser/zero follow-ups

  • Introduce creative workflows to control what happens to your forms after submission. Actions such as – updating your database, emailing to notify other users, dual approval processes, or interacting with external platforms – your options are limitless. Automate your forms and seamlessly run your business

Forma aims to streamline internal business processes.

Forma is currently in development and we will be launching soon! Sign up now to join our waiting listing for updates and exclusive offers when we launch.

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