Digitise your Admin and backend office now

Too many hardcopy papers in your company? Emails all over the place?

Digitise and automate your business now

Truly digitise your business

Stop using physical paper or disorganised word/excel documents. Move everything online.

Easily create Forms and PDF documents

No more searching high and low on which forms to fill up or missing paper documents in the company

Build your own Purchase Order Forms

Stop having WhatsApp or Emails mess up your Equipment or Software purchasing process

  • Create any purchase forms easily online

  • Let your employees easily submit their request on any web browser or mobile device

  • The Purchase Order is auto sent to the right manager for approval online

  • Once approved, it can be route to the purchase department for next steps

Improve your IT Request Forms

Stop purchasing and installing wrong softwares for your team. Improve the process so your team gets what they need to do their work effectively

  • Collect any IT request via customised online forms

  • Route to Direct Supervisor or IT Team for approval

  • Auto send email notifications  once request is approved and setup

  • PDF file can be auto generated and filed for documentation

Move your Daily Attendance TimeSheet or Scheduling Online

Instead of having your team submit their attendance via WhatsApp or Email, just get them to do it via Forma Forms

  • Create dynamic forms as timesheets for your team to easily fill up on the go

  • Auto send email notifications to direct manager (if needed)

  • Simple Calendar view to see who is in/out for the day

  • Create simple approvals process if need to limit number of pax in the office

Meeting Room Bookings Online

No more checking with one another on who has book the meeting room. Confusing and Messy

  • Create meeting room booking forms

  • Customised the availability of each meeting room easily

  • No double booking of rooms anymore with controls

  • Send automated calendar invites to all attendees

Ready to Level up your Business?