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Above all else, we value a flexible and collaborative culture at Forma. If you’re tired of workplace bureaucracy and hope to find more meaning in the work you do, here’s what we can offer:

Hybrid work arrangement

We believe in giving our staff the autonomy to work wherever and whenever they want. On a typical work week, one can find our team to be working remotely from home, and meeting up for lunch on Fridays to see how everyone’s doing.

Results over Hours

As a goal-driven team, we work to produce results, not to fill up timesheets. There is no strict rule to sit before your laptops from 9-6. You’re free to plan out your own schedule, so long as you get things done.

Make a Difference

In a small company, every work you do will have a direct impact on our customers, and every thought you voice will be valued as a potential idea for improvement. Regardless of your role, play your part in the bigger picture at Forma.

Check out for any open positions at this link.

If you do not find anything that you might like but still keen to join us, feel free to email us your CV at