Automated Onboarding
With Forma

Start the onboarding process with a digital form
for greater efficiency

Do it Your Way

Tweak our templates and tailor them to your needs. Our no-code form builder can customise your form within minutes.  

Step 1: Build an Onboarding Form

You can build the onboarding form from scratch, but we recommend you to click on the employee onboarding template to get a headstart. 

You will be brought to Process Details, where you can rename the form and edit its description. 

Next, you will be brought to the Form Builder, where you can select and edit form fields to customise your form.

Step 2: Store Onboarding Details In Database 

After finalising your form, proceed to Design WorkflowHere’s how you can build an automated workflow:

  1. Choose plug-ins from Add Plugins
  2. Drag the purple connectors around to re-position the plug-in connections
  3. Double-click each plug-in to edit its details

In this example, we want the workflow to automatically transfer an employee’s responses from his/her onboarding form into the employee onboarding database. Therefore, we’ll be using the Add Database Record plug-in.

Step 3: Publish Your Form

After Publish Changes in Workflow Builder, your onboarding employee form is ready to go. 

If you provide employees access to this process in Forma (refer to step 4), they will be able to submit their requests with the Submit New Entry button. 

Step 4: Invite New Employees into Forma

Under Database, click on User Database and then Invite User

You will be prompted to fill in the name and email address of the new employee. You can also choose and assign internal company processes that you want the employee to have access to. 

That’s it. Really.

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