Utilise our broad collection of features to build comprehensive forms and workflows

Customise your workflows however you want

Simply design your process with our no-code workflow builder. Our system will auto-activate the workflow and have it working for you in no time.


Route forms to respective personnel for approval


Trigger activities when pre-defined set of conditions are met


Send notifications to convey information to specific users

PDF Generator

Create and customise digital documents to endorse processes

Update Database

Add records or update your database base on conditions

Calendar Invite

Send customised calendar invites to your recipients

Create Forms to Simplify Data Collection

Build custom forms to gather relevant information for your processes. Get users to fill them via shareable links or embedded forms

Forms Permissions

Build forms for either internal employees or public audiences

Page Routing

Route users to different questions or pages based on certain pre-defined rules

Connect to Database

Retrieve relevant data from the database and display within your forms

Show/Hide Fields

Show/hide form fields from the users to questions based on certain pre-defined rules

Accept Payment

Accept payments from your customers directly through the forms (Powered by Stripe)

Digital Signature

Users are able to sign off directly on your form electronically

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