Optimise and Streamline
your Business Operations now

Messy Forms or Documents everywhere? Too many manual work and errors?

Empower your team and power up your business productivity

Truly digitise your Business Operations

Stop using hardcopies paper or disorganised word/excel to manage your business. Create dynamic forms to collect data effectively and easily

Automate your Business Processes

No more fussing where to find what documents to fill up or who to look for to approve. Auto send the documents to the relevant stakeholder for processing 

Organise all your forms and documents and auto generate PDF file easily

No longer search high and low for the right form or document fill up. Speed up your business process cycle and boost your team productivity
  • Design all your different forms and documents in a single place
  • Your team can easily find them and fill it up on a web browser or mobile device
  • Any of the documents can be auto generated in PDF format for proper documentation
  • Send to your team members or managers automatically via email for reference

Digitise and speed up your Escalation Process

Move your escalation process online and ensure all parties are in the loop
  • Create customised forms to collect details of escalation clearly
  • Auto route escalation to the management for review and approval
  • Auto send email alerts to all parties to make sure everyone is on the same track
  • Once all done, automatically generate the right documents in PDF format and send to anyone for proper documentation

Consolidate all feedback and survey digitally

Instead of customers or employees submit their feedback or suggestions through email or WhatsApp, collect all details in a single place
  • Create simple yet customised forms for your customers or employees
  • Auto route to the right team for review/approval
  • Send email replies or acknowledgement back to customers or employees automatically
  • All feedback can be easily stored online and searchable anytime

Streamline your audit or review process

No more messy audit or review process. Digitise and keep everyone on the same page
  • Build customised, dynamic audit/review forms
  • Show/Hide only applicable checklists or questions
  • Collect all important details on any device or browser
  • Auto submit to relevant parties for approval or review, and collect their feedback too

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