Stop onboarding your customers with messy Word docs, Emails or WhatsApp

Your customers deserve better. Digitise and automate your sales and admin process. 

Create simple custom forms

Your customers should not be flooded with so many documents and messages anymore. They just fill up what is required in the form and even digitally sign on it. 

Build Approvals, PDFs, Notifications easily into your process

Send to your team the next steps or approvals, generate a PDF contract with signatures, and notify anyone 

Click the button below  to check out a sample form and see how the PDF contract/agreement can be generated easily

Collect Digital Signature at Ease

Stopping getting your customers to print out your word document and manually sign on the paper and scan it over

Just get them to sign digitally on your form.  

Build Forms to make life easier for your customers

Stop requesting customer for information through emails, or get them go through entire documents to figure out what is needed from them. Organise all in a form, and send it to them. 

Simple and easy.

Introduce automated Approvals to make sure all good to go

No more emailing or messaging one another in the company. Simply set who are the approvers needed, and the entire approval process is automated.

Yes, it’s that magical.

Send notifications to keep everyone in the loop. Even your customers

Every step of the onboarding process, you can set up customised email messages to notify anyone in the company or even the customers. Everyone is always in the loop.

Peace of mind.

Generate PDF contracts or agreements and send to anyone automatically

You no longer need to copy and paste information from your customers. That’s too time consuming and full of manual errors.  Easily design your PDF file by combining company and customers together, and send it to anyone instantly

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