Digitise and Automate your Sales Process Now 🚀

Difficulty generating your PDF Sales agreement? Messy quotation forms or invoices?

Delight your customers. Digitise and automate your sales process now

Truly digitise your sales documents

Stop using physical paper or disorganized word/excel documents for your sales process with auto-generated PDF agreements, quotations, or even invoices

Easily collect digital signatures

No more fussing over how to sign the document or where to meet up. Simply guide your customers to sign over digitally, and on any device

Generate PDF contracts or sales agreements. Send it to your customers automatically

Do not wait for your admin team to process any sales agreement or contracts. Speed up your sales cycle and close the customer asap!

  • Design all your Sales Agreements

  • Let your customers easily fill up their particulars and sign off on any web browser or mobile device

  • The Sales Agreement or Contract will be auto generated in PDF format

  • The agreement can be automatically shared with your customer or any of your colleagues

Improve Onboarding Process for your customers

Stop onboarding your customers with messy Word docs, Emails or WhatsApp.

  • Collect signatures digitally with ease

  • Create custom forms to collect particulars effectively

  • Auto send email notifications to your customers or your colleagues to make sure everyone is on track

  • Once done, automatically generate the right documents in PDF format and send it to anyone

Automated generation of Quotation Forms

Instead of browsing messy folders or files to find the right quotation forms and fill in the blanks,  simply use Forma to automate the process

  • Create simple forms for your sales team to fill up

  • Auto generate Quotations Forms

  • Send to Sales Manager/Director for review/approval

  • Once approved, the Quotation Form can be auto generated in PDF format and sent to your customers

Move your Sales Order Form online

Do not have customers call in or WhatsApp to place orders. It’s messy, disorganised, and more importantly, you can’t accept any orders when your team is sleeping.

  • Create custom sales order forms for your customer

  • Show/Hide applicable products or services

  • Collect relevant customer details for order processing

  • Send automated confirmation emails back to your customers

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