Free online forms and surveys. Unlimited submissions

Step 1: Register & Create a new survey ("process")

Register a free account with Forma and create your survey

Create a new Survey (Process)
Name your survey, and add a description if required.

Step 2: Add fields to your form

Click on the fields on the left panel to add respective form fields. Enable public access if this is a public survey and you need a public URL. Then click on Design Workflow.

You can add as many fields as you require, drag and drop to rearrange their order.

Step 3: (Optional) Get notified every time a user submits the survey form

Click on Add Plugins on the top-right, and click on the Use button under the notification plugin

1. Add plugin
2. Use the notification plugin
3. Connect the plugin by clicking+dragging the purple connectors
4. Add your email address, subject, and the email content. You can also add data that was submitted via the form to your email

Step 4: Publish your form, grab the public URL

Click on the Publish Changes button, and copy your public form URL. That’s it. Really.