Prove Your Products
With Testimonials

Use a testimonial form template to collect
client commendations hassle-free

Do it Your Way

Tweak our templates and tailor them to your needs. Our no-code form builder can customise your form within minutes.  

Step 1: Edit Process Details

Upon choosing the template, you will be directed to Process Details. Here, you can change your form title and/or description. 

Under Manage User Access, you can also give specific users/employees access to this process.

Step 2: Edit Form Fields

Using Form Builder, choose your form fields and edit them. 

Optional Step: Thank Your Clients For The Testimonial

After finalising your form, proceed to Design Workflow

If you’d like to thank clients who had provided a testimonial, you can send them an automatic, customised email to do so. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Choose the Notification plug-in from Add Plugins
  2. Drag the purple connectors to connect your plug-ins

Then, double-click on the Notification plug-in to configure the notification email:

Step 3: Publish your form

After Publish Changes in Workflow Builder, your testimonial form is ready to go. To grant your clients access to this form, you can use the Share button to:

  • Send the form via a public URL
  • Embed the form into your website

That’s it. Really.

Ready to get Started?