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Do it Your Way

Tweak our templates and tailor them to your needs. Our no-code form builder can customise your form within minutes.  

Step 1: Create a new process

Register a free account with Forma.

Then, create a new process. You can name your process and provide a description under the Process Details page.

Step 2: Create and customise your form

On the left panel, click to to add various fields into your form. Drag and drop to re-arrange the order of the form fields.

You can configure the chosen form fields using the settings button next to each of them.

Then, click on Design Workflow.

Step 3: Build a workflow to trigger automatic notifications

Click on Add Plugins on the top-right, and choose the Notification plugin. Then, connect the plugins by dragging the purple connectors.

Customise your Notification plugin by double-clicking it. Fill in the email recipient, notification email subject and email content.

You can also use placeholders to add data that users have submitted via the form into the email:

Step 4: Publish your process

Upon clicking on Publish Changes, your process is now complete and ready to be executed.

At the Process Editor, you can share the form by:

  • Generating a public URL
  • Embedding the form into your website

That’s it, really.

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