No-code platform to digitise and automate your business

No-code platform to digitise and automate your business

Zero coding required. Drag-and-drop to power up and accelerate your business now

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What can you use Forma for?

Sales Process

Digitise and automate your sales process to make your sales team get better at selling

Business Operations

Optimise and streamline your business to boost productivity across your organisation

Human Resources

Level up your HR processes to empower your colleagues to focus on growing the company

Business Admin

Digitise your your admin and manual work to scale your business with ease

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Automate your Business with our workflow builder

Simply design your process with our no-code workflow builder. Our system will auto-activate the workflow and have it working for you in no time.

Your Essential Toolkit to level up your business


Route forms to respective personnel for approval before process continues


Activate activities only when pre-defined set of conditions are met

PDF Generator

Generate PDF agreements and contracts on the fly

Route Form Pages

Route users to specific pages based on their responses to previous questions


Send email notifications to convey information to specific users

Digital Signature

Allow users to endorse electronic signature in forms


Practical Use Cases For All Businesses. And Many More


Streamline your hiring process – get those talents in before your competitors do.

For Surveys

Gather research or feedback to identify areas of growth for your business.

Onboarding New Customers

First impressions matter. Easily keep new customers on your radar.

Expense Claims

Manage expenses promptly to stay updated about your organisation’s finances.

Digitise and automate your business - Level up your Company

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Digitise and automate your business - Level up your Company